AA to release new spare parts price guide

The Automobile Association (AA) has announced its intention to publish the AA Spare Parts Pricing Guide 2021 during the third quarter of this year.

The report – previously referred to as the AA-Kinsey Report, will now boast various new additions.

“In addition to spare parts pricing, the AA Spare Parts Pricing Guide will cover new areas for inclusion, such as changes to automotive technology. As before, the AA will present its findings to manufacturers to give them an opportunity to digest the information before it is released to the public,” said the AA.

In a competitive and challenging motoring environment, the AA has, for many years, distinguished itself as a champion for motorist rights.

“Part of the consumer information it believes is critical for consumers in understanding the costs of spare parts for their vehicles, and how these compare with spare parts for similar vehicles in the same category.”

The association has indicated that motorists may expect a decrease of 11 cents a litre in the fuel price for June. Diesel, however, will increase by as much as 22 cents a litre and paraffin will be up by 21 cents per litre.

These increases do not bode well for fleet owners or the general public, as it will add to already burdened budgets.

Source: AA

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