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How to make your home pet-friendly

Keeping pets requires that your home is conducive for them. How can this be done?

For many, pets are more than just animals we own – they’re much-loved members of our family. However, it’s quite easy to overlook our pet’s needs when renting or buying a new home.

Ensure that your pet’s comfort and safety is never an afterthought by using the tips below to learn how to make your home as pet-friendly as possible.

1.See the world through your pet’s eyes

To make your home pet-friendly, make sure you search your home for possible hazards and threats to your pet’s health and safety. Pretend to be your pet for a second. As silly as it may sound, it’ll help you identify any hazards that you may need to remove to prevent your pet from potentially being harmed.

For example, if you spot areas in your home that your pet can easily access but may pose as a risk, find a way to close off those areas. You may also want to keep an eye out for any electrical cords that your pet may chew on or get tangled in, human medication that they may eat, as well as cleaning products they could access.

2.Purchase pet-friendly furniture with stain-resistant fabric

Stain-resistant fabric is a great investment when you have pets as it will eliminate odors and stains that tend to become entrenched in certain fabrics. Tweed, velvet, and silk are considered the worst furniture fabrics to purchase whereas leather, outdoor fabrics and synthetic microfibers are considered the best options. It’s also recommended that you opt for dark colours as opposed to lighter ones.

3.Make sure your flooring is paw-safe

Carpet is possibly the worst choice for people with pets as it will collect all your pet’s fur and it may be difficult to mask unless the carpet is the same colour as your pet’s fur.

It’s recommended that you opt for hardwood flooring for lightweight pets and ceramic tiles for heavier pets.

4.Make sure you buy pet friendly indoor plants

There are many plant species that can be toxic for your pet and may result in illness or death if ingested. It’s for this reason that you should choose plant varieties that will not be harmful to your pet’s health. Plants such as aloe vera, lilies, tulips, and azaleas can have adverse health effects in both cats and dogs.

5.Groom your pet regularly

Grooming your pet regularly will save you a lot of time and effort when cleaning the house. Ungroomed pets tend to shed more fur and, their unclipped claws can spell a disaster for your furniture and other belongings.

6.Take care when opening windows and add window screens

Installing window screens is a great way to make sure that your pets don’t escape the confines of your home and potentially hurt themselves. This is particularly important if you don’t live on the ground floor or if you have multiple floors in your home, as pets (particularly cats), are prone to jumping out of windows.

Window screens are great for the summertime when you want to keep the windows open but still keep your furry little friend safe.

7.Make sure your rubbish bins have a secure lid on them

Pets tend to be curious and will rummage through your garbage if given the opportunity. Make sure the rubbish bins in your home have secure lids on them to prevent your furry friend from potentially ingesting something dangerous.

Use the above tips and tricks to ensure your home is a safe and comfortable haven for your pets.

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