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Looking back at local Suzuki sales in the past decade

Suzuki has been operating within our borders for over a decade and has gone from being an underdog to a record-breaking force we know today.

Every year, Suzuki Auto South Africa continues to climb up the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa) charts, presenting nothing but an increase in sales courtesy of a growing lineup which now contends multiple segments.

Technical sales stats reserved for industry professionals aside, Suzuki is doing well in the market, with a noticeable amount of their vehicles flooding the roads.

Find a gap in the market. That’s exactly what the Japanese automaker has done by specialising in small cars with welcoming personalities and equally impressive asking prices. Combining affordable offerings produced in India by Maruti Suzuki India Limited as well as more premium products offered by Suzuki Motor Corporation, the local branch of the Japanese company has seen impressive growth in their short time in Mzansi.

Over and above this, every model offers excellent fuel efficiency which increases appeal for prospective buyers, particularly with such high fuel prices.

According to the recent Naamsa January sales figures, Suzuki is not only in the top 5 best-selling list but attained the third position, right after Volkswagen Motor Group with Toyota still sitting comfortably at the number one spot. In January 2023, Suzuki managed to sell a total of 4 357 units, which is almost the same amount of cars they sold the entire year in 2012. The automaker sold 4 724 units in 2012, meaning the Japanese brand used to sell an average of 393 units a month on our shores.

The automaker impressively managed to climb up the charts, surpassing industry giants in quick succession and become rated as one of the top sellers in South Africa. During this stint, the only decrease in sales occurred between 2014 to 2016 which saw sales marginally dip from 6 469 units in 2014 to 6 382 units in 2015 and finally to 5 631 units in 2016.

With a growing lineup and a positive reputation cemented, sales began increasing from 2017 again, when Suzuki Auto South Africa sold a whopping 8 843 units. Sales continued to peak thereafter, soaring through the roof in 2022 with a whooping 47 233 units sold. Cars like the new Swift, Celerio, Ertiga, Baleno and Jimny really helped bolster this number to where it is today.

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