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French TV focuses on SA crime fighters

Domestic Watch receives recognition in international documentary.

JOHANNESBURG SOUTH – Proactive community members and Community Policing Forums from all over Johannesburg gathered for the filming of a documentary on crime by the biggest TV company in France.

The angle was ordinary South Africans playing an effective and constructive role in fighting the scourge of crime in the country.

The Domestic Watch Founder and SAPS Customer Service Training Expert, Penny Steyn, was approached earlier this year by the French company, seeking to create a documentary to put a positive slant to proactive South Africans doing something about the crime challenge.

“It is a big deal because we definitely needed to show that we are a good country with good people, who are extremely proactive in working to fight crime and come up with innovative ideas to manage the crime challenge,” said Steyn.

The documentary will be a 52 minute documentary which will be ready in December. Steyn believes it will be shown in French-speaking African countries and Canada.

The filming crew reportedly drove around a suburban area with a security company and moved their filming location to the township of Diepsloot to film in a shebeen. Because it was the end of the month, the drinking spot was crawling the patrons.

A Community Policing Forum meeting was filmed in Sandton, where Brigadier Billings and CPF Chairman Wendy Robertson held discussions.

“They (French TV) filmed me and asked about my strangulation on Heritage Day in 2001, which in fact was the starting point of my work,” explained Penny Steyn. Steyn was referring to an incident at her home. She was sleeping in her bedroom when she was attacked by assailants who had gained entry into her home. Fortunately, Steyn managed to fight them off while her domestic worker Julie called the police. They both escaped uninjured but traumatised. “They filmed extra sections about security in my home.”

The event was also attended by domestic workers and gardeners, who are part of domestic watch and were brought to the event by their employers.

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