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Joburg Water closes massive holes in Kibler Park

The council showed up to shut it's hole in Kibler Park.

KIBLER PARK – Two massive holes on Peggy Vera Road, which were dug up by Johannesburg Water, were a sight for sore eyes for Kibler Park residents.

On May 27, officials from Joburg Water repaired the pipes which provide the main water supply for the suburb.

There was a hole on corner Sherwood Avenue and Peggy Vera Road and on the corner of Branksome Heights and Peggy Vera Road.

Peter Stewart, ward 125 PR councillor representative, said he had been in contact with the Joburg Water depot manager, Mark Kruger, asking him to reinstate their construction sites. “They leave it (construction holes) open for seven days just to make sure that they don’t leak after they’ve been repaired,” said Stewart, explaining why it took time for Joburg Water to close the holes.

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