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Local techies give meaning to World Techie Day

On Monday, October 3, celebrate technology with those who help us with it every day, for national Techies Day.

ON Monday, October 3, celebrate technology with those who help us with it every day, for national Techies Day.

Techies Day was first developed to educate high school students about careers in technology, an important field for the times in which we live.

It was established in 1998 by techies.com and CNET Networks.

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, skilled and knowledgeable people with regard to this is a must.

A techie refers to someone who has an interest in and is well-versed in technology, mostly electronic, be it computers, cellular phones, printers, television, or one of the many other fields. In modern days, information technology experts are also referred to as techies.

The RECORD spoke to two techies to find out what it’s like to be in the forefront of technology.

Raymond Nku (29), sales consultant and self-professed techie, works at one of the country’s biggest electronics retailers.

He says he’s always been interested in technology.

“I love working in this field; you get to be involved in getting to know all the new gadgets, and I enjoy working with people, so this job fits me perfectly,” he explains.

“Long term, I plan on getting my BSc in IT Engineering, then perhaps looking at breaking into the corporate world.”

René Ince (34) works for a major cellular network as a technical manager,and is also the store manager of one of the branches.

“I used to sell cell phones when I was at school and, for the last 12 years, I’ve been in this line of work, in quality control (assessment after cellular repair), as technician, head technician, then my management positions,” he says.

“I love this industry, it’s always evolving and the fact that it will always be needed and in demand is also big plus for me.”

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