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Bokang calls for blankets

The blanket drive for street children is set to take place on June 16. Details will follow.

IT is that time of the year again when the Bokang Mosia Foundation is calling on all corporates and residents to donate second-hand clothes and blankets, which will be distributed to street children this winter.

Zandi Mosia, Bokang Mosia’s mother, spoke to the CHRONICLE from their offices in Mondeor, saying that the drive was initiated because of all the street children who are cold during winter.

“You may be born on the streets but you do not have to stay there. We are currently looking for volunteers to help us with the upcoming drives that we will be having and we call on all sponsors to join us on the day to be a part of the drive,” said Mosia.

The drop off point will be 125 Columbine Avenue in Mondeor from Monday to Friday (9am to 4pm). The drive is set to take place on June 16. Details will follow.

For more information call 082 857 3273.

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