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Covid-19: Paediatrician’s advice is to stay at home

Dr Francois Laubscher (65) has been a paediatrician for 33 years.

Being on the list of essential workers is something many in lockdown may not give much thought to.

But for those on the list, working on the frontline to bring you the services you need, sometimes in cases of emergency, it is a matter of serving their communities to the best of their abilities, despite the risks.

Caxton Local Media spoke to Dr Francois Laubscher (65), a paediatrician.

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He has been in practice for the past 33 years and describes the time during lockdown as quieter than normal.

Like anybody else, they had put the necessary measures in place to stay safe and keep their patients safe.

“We clean our workplace more than usual and we have put out hand sanitiser and have been very cautious and following the rules.

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“I am following a routine by washing my hands and wearing a mask and I am taking every precaution to stay safe and keep others safe,” he said.

When asked about his feelings as being on the list of essential workers, he said: “I feel honoured, but it is a big responsibility.”

And his family’s thoughts about him being out there daily?

“Although I fall in the high-risk category, my family understands and they are very supportive.

“The best part of my job will always be to see a sick child getting better. And that they also understand.”

Lockdown brings challenges to all of us. We asked what challenges he is facing as a paediatrician.

“The cost of practice is becoming so high that it is no longer feasible,” he said.

Wanting to know if he wanted to share any advice for parents, he said: “The only advice I can give is that parents must adhere to the rules set by the government and they must not take chances.

“By staying at home you are keeping your children safe and I think that is what most parents want to do during this difficult time.”

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