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GRAPHIC CONTENT: Dog poisoning leaves family traumatised

Resident Lodien Rensburg from Liefde en Vrede woke up with his family finding their dogs' food poisoned.

This happened on December 4 when the dogs were barking excessively at the back of their yard.

“Our three full-grown German shepherds were poisoned and unfortunately one died. “We also discovered the bag with poison at the back of our yard.

“We immediately took the other two for treatment and after many hours of struggle, they pulled through and survived,” said Rensburg.

“We contacted Mondeor SAPS and they opened a docket and took our statement.”

The police also took the poison as evidence.

“With the help of security company Namola, we could connect the Johannesburg SPCA chief inspectorate and police on a phone call while on speakerphone.

“The chief inspectorate and the police officer could not agree on who was responsible to collect the dead dog for an autopsy,” he said.

Johannesburg SPCA public relations officer Liana Marx said they do not deal with autopsies.

“We don’t do autopsies for the animals but what they can do is to go to Onderstepoort. “They normally deal with an autopsy,” she said.

Mondeor SAPS promised to investigate the matter and will revert to his family.

“Capt Delia Marcovich from Mondeor police explained the evidence has been booked in at Mondeor SAPS and that she has seen it.

“She promised the case will be investigated and the evidence sent for analysis,” said Rensburg.


Dog poisoning on the rise in the Alberton area


Vomit found of the poison.
One of the Rensburgs’ dogs which was poisoned died.
One of the Rensburgs’ dogs which was poisoned died. They took the dog to be cremated.

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