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EPRA diminishes the act of deforestation in Johannesburg

Evans Park Residents Association successfully hosted market day and planted trees at the Ormonde Primary School.

Evans Park Residents Association (EPRA) planted trees at the Ormonde Primary School on September 4.

The association was established in 2021 by a group of like-minded people to preserve, revitalise, and enhance the Evans Park region.

EPRA’s goal is to revitalise the neighbourhood one street at a time through collaboration, education, and effort.

The chairperson of EPRA, Shahid Motara, said that the primary mandate of the association is the maintenance and upliftment of Evans Park in its entirety. The reason they chose Ormonde Primary School as one of the sites to visit was that the aim is to include everyone in the process regardless of age.

Shahid Motara and Ayanda Masondo.

“As a small organisation, the work we currently do includes the general maintenance of the broader community, utilising the services of a dedicated professional to undertake gardening and maintenance services. We ensure that everyone in the community knows the importance of keeping the community clean,” Shahid said.

On the day, the organisation also hosted a market day where over 30 community businesses gathered in numbers to showcase and celebrate South African brands.

Environmental health practitioner of the City of Johannesburg, Ayanda Masondo, also joined the market day and ensured the trees that were planted are environmentally friendly.

EPRA planting a tree.

According to Ayanda, the reason she attended the event is that she is accountable for overseeing and applying health and hygiene laws in the community.

“Trees form part of the environment and they play a vital role in one’s being. EPRA is positively helping the community because the city is highly affected by deforestation. These planted trees will help in ensuring that the city is not easily affected by floods and erosion,” said Ayanda.

Kids enjoyed playing different games which included jumping castles and soccer billiards.

EPRA is planning to plant more trees in the schools and around the whole Evans community.

Ayesha Bodat and Shahid.

Current and future projects for EPRA:

• Regular maintenance of Crownwood Road, Berwyn Road, Kimberley Road, and Alwen Road Park.

• Fence construction at the end of Ruthin Road.

• Development of food gardens in key places.

• Maintenance of the fields, pavements, and other areas inside Evans Park.

• Creation of customised sports facilities for locals, such as an indoor soccer field.

• Youth education programmes.

To get involved with EPRA contact 083 643 5740 or email info@epra.co.za

Stakeholders and school officials.

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