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Safe-care guide by life coach ahead of festive season

Life coach and member of NVR Academy and Counselling Centre, Yolanda Dannatt, guides the community to enjoy their holidays and festivities safely.

As the festive season rapidly approaches, most people are excited for the festive traditions that go along with it – family time, good food, gifts and time to rest from work.

Whatever one will be doing during the holidays, Brackendowns life coach Yolanda Dannatt says locals should be grateful for all the little things that one often takes for granted.

“To those who have had to endure hardships over the year and not looking forward to dealing with what painful memories or emotions would be running high, try to avoid any triggers, pace yourself comfortably, and know your limits at all times.

“We all have a vision of the perfect holiday. But then between work, kids’ activities, family obligations, and just life stuff, time isn’t on our side,” she said.

She says perfection does not exist and chasing it will only ‘make us crazy’. Dannatt advises the community to let go of the ‘perfect’ holiday and be okay with having an authentic, good enough one.

Here are a few tips to guide you in making the most of taking care of yourself during this festive season:

• Remember that it’s not about what we share but who celebrates with you that is important.

• Respect your budget.

• Give extra to those in need.

• Take more time to relax, rest and spoil yourself.

• Put those cellphones away.

• Light a candle and say a prayer for lost loved ones and all those grieving a loss at this time.

• If respect is not being served, permit yourself to leave the table.

• It’s okay to say no to invitations that make you uncomfortable or take away from your time with your people.

• Drink responsibly and use all your senses to bring along and make happy, positive memories

• Be kind, and give out extra smiles they are free.

• Most importantly spread the love, and remember the reason for the season.

“To all those who are travelling, I wish you a peaceful holiday and a safe return. To those that are staying at home, I wish you make many happy memories, fun and laughter. And to those who will do their best to cope with the struggles or being alone, I admire your perseverance in trying your best,” said Dannatt.

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