Suspect arrested after filling station business robbery

CPS Security recently arrested one man at Voortrekker Road in New Redruth, Alberton.

One of two suspects was arrested at Voortrekker Road in New Redruth, Alberton, for a filling station business robbery on January 11.

According to the director of CPS Security, Tyrone van der Merwe, a local resident called their control room to let them know that two suspects were actively robbing a nearby petrol station.

“Our tactical and reaction units were sent to the call,” Tyrone affirmed.

On the scene law enforcement was able to arrest one suspect. The second one managed to escape on foot.

Televisions and other electronics were packed in bags by the suspects, which were recovered on the scene.

“Thank you to the members of Alberton SAPS for the quick back–up. Well done,” Tyrone concluded.

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