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Record holding powerlifter needs help to compete in the UK

Only three years as a powerlifter and ready to compete on an international level.

Coach Nataly Barbosa (52) from Winchester Hills, Johannesburg South, has been invited to compete in the World Powerlifting Congress (WPC). She will compete in the category U75 masters three which is for powerlifters in the age range of 50 to 55.

Coach Nat, as most of her clients know her, is in need of sponsors for her to participate in Manchester, UK where the competition is to be held in October.

WPC Worlds, as the competition is known, is a powerlifting competition that is held annually in different countries and features powerlifting fanatics from all around the world.

Full-time fitness journey

Coach Nat is a mom of three and a full time fitness fanatic. She does personal coaching, online coaching, strength training, powerlifting programmes, diets to assist with health issues, fat loss or muscle gain, and offers 24 hour support.

“Solely making a living from training has been challenging. I am very passionate about fitness and it’s all I see myself doing. I breathe, eat and sleep fitness,” said Barbosa.

Her journey into fitness began at the young age of 19. “Growing up, I was not allowed to play any sport due to religious reasons and right behind the house where I lived there was a gym. Since I was not allowed to play any sport at school, I would sneak off to the gym after school and I would stay there training for as long as I could and that is where I fell in love with fitness. Thereafter, the first people I assisted to being fit and healthy were my friend and her mom,” she said.

She emphasised: “I remember a time in my life when I was overweight, unhappy and I made an active decision to not be like that and to teach others and assist them in the same journey with health and happiness.”

Breaking records and making a difference

The fitness enthusiast holds many world and national records for squat, bench and deadlift weightlifting, including overall records for all three competing categories.

Most times she has broken her own record and aims to continue pushing herself to do better. “You are only as old as you want to be,” said Barbosa.

She is an inspiration to many men and women, not only her age but younger. At the age of 52, Barbosa does not let anything get her down. She ensures she trains regularly and follows a clean diet to stay healthy physically and mentally.

Coach Nataly Barbosa is unstoppable in the world of fitness.

“The one thing that makes me happy is seeing the difference I bring to the lives of the people I train. I have assisted people with cancer through a good diet, and with training and rehab work I have trained someone to walk again. These are the stories I live for. I love seeing people change their lives for the better; happier, more self-confident and with vitality,” said the life-changing coach.

Sponsoring her international dream

The inspiring powerlifter is in need of sponsors to attend the WPC competition. The cost of her trip including accommodation, traveling and food, amounts to between R60 000 and R80 000.

“I am excited about the competition, I aim to break the world record for bench at WPC. It would mean a lot to me if the public or corporates could help sponsor my international dream and help me bring home the winning title for South Africa. I have already started preparing for the competition with great hope” said Barbosa. The cut-off date for sponsorship is August 30.

Barbosa is also set to compete in the Rhino Powerlifting Club (RPC) Nationals in September which will be hosted in Cape Town as well as Elite Raw in November.

For more information or to sponsor contact Nataly Barbosa on 083 408 1199

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