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Solidarity Helping Hand offers matric learners a memorable evening

Through Solidarity Helping Hand Alberton and Alberton North’s Vista Del Monte, several matric learners will be given an evening to remember ahead of their matric farewell.

Solidarity Helping Hand Alberton succeeded this year in successfully implementing their matric farewell function support project.

With the help of Vista Del Monte, they are going to be able to sponsor several boys and girls from two local schools to make their evening unforgettable.

“Our excitement spilt over a bit and we decided to hold a preview and come and have a look where the young girls are transformed into princesses and the young boys into princes. Vista Del Monte is the sponsor, where the youngsters’ hair, nails and faces among others will be beautified,” explained Johan Olivier of Solidarity Helping Hand.

At Vista Del Monte, they will be treated and carried on the hands at a five-star level.

Co-owners of Vista Del Monte, Nolene Green and Gavin Bradley, said they believe in the youth and the future of the country.

“Vista Del Monte Hair and Beauty have joined forces with Solidarity Helping Hand to make the most memorable and spectacular matric dance for the young ladies from Hoërskool Alberton and Hoërskool Dinamika. We will be offering hair, make-up, nail and feet services to make them feel like the princesses they are,” explained Green.

Green said at Vista Del Monte, they also believe in giving hope to those youth who sometimes feel neglected.

“We want to show them there are people who care and are willing to assist where we can. By coming together for this worthy cause we can uplift the community and give these youth lasting memories of their final days at school,” she said.

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