Annual Mass celebration brings Marist schools together

Learners and staff came together to share and reflect.

The Grade Seven Marist Mass, an annual celebration bringing together Johannesburg Marist schools, was held with great enthusiasm this year at Sacred Heart College, which proudly marked its 100th anniversary.

This special event took place in a spirit of unity and reflection, celebrating the rich history and shared values of the Marist educational community.

Learners and staff from various Marist schools gathered at Sacred Heart College campus to honour this significant milestone. The celebration provided an opportunity for everyone to delve into their Marist roots, revisiting their shared history at Koch Street and reflecting on their collective journey up to the present day.

Each participating school contributed to the event by showcasing photographs that highlighted different aspects of their unique histories. These visual displays offered a captivating glimpse into the past, illustrating the enduring legacy and spirit of the Marist community.

The event was a memorable celebration of tradition, unity and the vibrant spirit of the Marist schools in Johannesburg. It underscored the importance of coming together to celebrate shared values and histories while looking forward to a bright and collaborative future.

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