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TLC Children’s Home expands its’ impact

People's resilience increases and they can handle challenging circumstances in life more skillfully when they feel supported and not alone.

TLC Children Home is working hard to expand its impact through its new project, Embrace Village.

Managing director, Pippa Jarvis said: “In today’s world where hard things are happening too fast for us to process and where our digital connections often get in the way with much-needed face-to-face interactions, I cannot overstate the value of a close-knit community.”

Embrace Village in Walkerville was established to help reweave the threadbare social fabric – reintroducing the wholesome aspects of village life and offering a unique blend of tradition, support, and opportunity in a village-style community where everyone can belong.

TLC and Embrace Village in Walkerville

Everyone is invited to get comfort, connect and contribute in a safe and friendly place; whether it’s just a chat or helping during planting or harvest season, the sense of camaraderie is what TLC Children’s Home and Embrace Village are after.

One of the most compelling advantages of being part of a village like Embrace Village is the strong sense of belonging it fosters. Unlike the modern ‘anonymous’ life, where faces blur into the crowd, Embrace Village offers a closer connection, where everyone knows each other by name.

“This sense of belonging contributes significantly to the mental and emotional well-being of our children and adults, providing a buffer against the isolation that feels sadly familiar for most people. Together we are establishing traditions that bind us to our shared experiences and provide a sense of continuity and identity for future generations – true belonging,” emphasized Jarvis.

There is something for everyone at Embrace Village.

For those seeking to get involved, Embrace Village offers many opportunities. Whether you are interested in volunteering for local initiatives and expanding your reach, joining community groups, or participating in recreational activities, there is something for everyone.

Embrace Village is an active child-friendly community centre serving as a hub for social gatherings, workshops, and educational programs. “Collaboration is a huge part of the philosophy, and catering to diverse interests and passions is part of our thinking,” she added.

“Let’s build the world we want to live in.”

For more information, contact 011 948 7917 or info@embracevillage.com

The lives of many are positively impacted by the project.

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