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Joburg boxing champ smashes boundaries, eyes WBC title

Walkerville’s boxing champ Smangele Hadebe who holds the SA Flyweight and African Boxing Union title is sitting on 13 triumphs under her belt for her matchless boxing talent.

Walkerville’s boxing star Smangele Hadebe, nickname Smash, is lined up to fight for the World Boxing Council (WBC) title according to her manager Colleen McAusland.

She is sitting on 18 fights, 13 wins, three losses and two draws and her losses were not in her weight division. Hadebe fought in higher divisions just to get fights.

The pro-fighter strongly advocates against child abuse as she was abused as a child. She said, “I encourage them to speak out and not keep it a secret like I did for years.”

She is a strong believer that challenges are there to make people strong and bring growth.

Walkerville’s boxing champ Smangele Hadebe. Photo: Newzroom Afrika

“Depending on how our opponents fight, we do change techniques. And even when there is no fight, you have to keep on learning new techniques to improve yourself as a boxer. One of my memorable fights was when I fought Gabisile Tshabalala, who was my role model in boxing. I won the fight,” Hadebe said.

Even when under pressure, she tries by all means to keep calm and keep her focus. Whether she has a fight coming up or not, Hadebe always spends her days in the gym.

“That’s how I improve my fitness and improve in boxing. Boxing has come with many sacrifices. I’ve moved away from my family. Comfort zones will never make you hungry for success. I’d like to thank my manager Aunty Colleen and coaches Fatti and John,” she said.

She said her manager who also plays a motherly role in her life is very hands-on both in her life and career.

A proud moment for Smangele Hadebe and her manager Colleen McAusland. Photo: McAusland Boxing Management

“I have a beautiful home. Thank you to my sponsors. Without them, I would not be able to train full-time and have a roof over my head. My sponsors cover all my expenses. I’m very grateful to them,” explained Hadebe.

According to McAusland, Hadebe is approved and lined up to fight for a title fight.

“We need a promoter to make this fight happen in SA. It will be the first time in our country. Smash’s fans and sponsors want to see this happen in SA. She is married to boxing, it’s all she knows that’s why she won the boxer of the year award and won back-to-back female prospect of the year awards,” she explained.

She reiterated that Hadebe will win another title for South Africa.

“She is South Africa’s best-kept secret. It’s about time people see who she is and get the recognition she deserves. She is a true example of coming from nothing to becoming a champion. I’m super proud of her. We have big plans for her in 2024,” she said.

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