Peugeot’s e-Lion Project to be in working by 2030

Peugeot aims to make second-hand cars a thing of the past when motorists will be able to upgrade any vehicle to a cleaner and more efficient electric engine.

Peugeot’s e-Lion Project will accommodate the demands of the changing world, and the next generation of its vehicles promises to be at the forefront of these developments.

The fundamentals of this programme are based on five principles: ecosystem, experience, electric, efficiency, and environment, and it is the intention to release five new EVs over the next two years.

Linda Jackson, Peugeot’s CEO, said, “The e-Lion Project will define Peugeot’s strategy as an EV brand and ensure we stay connected to the pulse of society to deliver mobility that lives up to our brand values.”

Peugeot is introducing new hybrid technology with MHEV 48V and will have a strong roll-out this year with the 208, 2008, 308, 3008, 5008 and 408.

One of the new products will be the E-3008. It will be fitted with three electric powertrains and offers a range of up to 700km.

Jerome Micheron, Peugeot’s product director, said, “When our customers drive an electric Peugeot, it is still undeniably a Peugeot first and foremost, and that experience will always be our priority.”

Initiatives under way range from sourcing and supply chain strategies to the overall composition and structure of the car, down to the materials used:

  • Light and glass replace black and chrome
  • Lightweight seats
  • Recycled alloy wheels
  • Focus on the use of recycled materials, including recycled alloy wheels
  • Global life cycle strategy when designing the next generation of products.

According to Matthias Hossann, Peugeot’s design director: “Second-hand cars will become redundant because to update or upgrade your vehicle will become the standard.”

These developments herald a new era that is more respectful of our environment and allows us to offer our customers unique innovations that reinforce Peugeot’s ‘Power of Allure’,” said Micheron.

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