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Learners hog headlines

Learners from schools in Bela-Bela are hogging the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Learners from schools in Bela-Bela are hogging the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

A video capturing Bela-Bela traffic officer Gosh Rachidumela counting upwards of 50 learners disembarking from a 14-seater minibus taxi on Monday 20 January has gone viral.

The video attracted many of the mainstream media in major centres such as Gauteng.

A week earlier, two Grade 10 learners — male and female — from Raeleng Secondary School had to be rushed to hospital after a classroom ceiling caved in, falling on them.

This story also received its fair share of coverage from the national media.

Latest reports regarding the overloaded taxi were that the vehicle had since been impounded.

Sources at the downtown taxi rank indicated the minibus taxi did not belong to the local association, but that it was a private transport service run by an individual.

Since the video was released on Monday, social media users wasted no time in zooming smash-on into the incident, with many blaming parents for allegedly placing their own children in danger.

Not that this kind of “sardines run” is something new in townships and villages nationwide.

It is no secret that some taxi operators (and parents) shrug off such overloading, under the pretext that the monthly takings go a long way to meet often high car finance repayments.

At Raeleng Secondary School, the School Governing Body (SGB) has come out guns blazing, taking a swipe at the Department of Education after the ceiling accident.

The incident took place on the occasion of the schools’ reopening day on Wednesday 15 January.

According to Osiah Molekoa, SGB member at the township school, the building has over a period of time been in a poor state.

He alleged that the department of education was aware of the latter challenges.

Bela-Bela Mayor Jeremiah Ngobeni said land has been set aside for the relocation of Raeleng Secondary School.

— The BEAT

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