Matrics say farewell with special ceremony

As the Bushveld sun rose over the Waterberg on Tuesday 10 October it found the Grd 12 learners of Waterberg Academy, along with their parents, friends and teachers, eagerly awaiting the celebration of their achievements, the culmination of 12 years of schooling.

It was the start of a new tradition in which the Grd 12’s have their own prize giving, combined with the valediction service and the handing over of the “flame of endurance” to the Grd 11’s, before they start writing their final national senior certificate examinations.


Bianca Nortje received honours for being part of the South African archery team and full colours for academic achievements. With her is educator Gavin Roth.


The day’s proceedings started with a welcome note from André Bridger, department head of the high school. This was followed by a message from the headmaster, Mark Godfrey.

The school’s matrics did not fail to impress with the presentation of the different prizes as they had performed well in a variety of spheres. Three learners in particular stand out. Boitumelo Mataboge, the head boy of 2019, and top athletic and soccer sportsman, received the prestigious Citizenship Award.


During the Waterberg Academy’s prize giving ceremony, Rafologang Buthane was awarded for being the best bowler and batsman of the year as well as best soccer player. He received full colours for being part of the South African Development archery team and Limpopo Team. He was also sportsman of the year. With him is educator Gavin Roth.


Shannon Carlton received his National Colours in Archery for the third year in a row, was also commended for being the National Team Captain for 2019 in the Africa Archery Challenge, and for being a pioneer of archery in Waterberg Academy, and for being a role model for many of the younger archers.

The Dux student and head girl of 2019, San-marie Stegmann, was congratulated by last year’s Dux student Lucy Calcott.

The hall was decorated with pin boards covered with the learners’ memories of their time at the Waterberg Academy and given that some had to use two boards — they have plenty of memories that they will take with them.

According to Ciska Leonard, educator at the school, they are excited about the end of year results. “We would like to wish the learners all of the best for their future and we hope that they will always remember the school,” she said.

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