VIDEO: Top 10 TikTok challenges that went viral during lockdown

TikTok challenges have helped us maintain some form of sanity during lockdown. Have a look at the top trends in the video below:

Let’s face it, the Covid lockdown has been mentally and emotionally challenging for all of us. The endless cabin fever has sparked irritability and restlessness, making one wonder when this will all end. 

Luckily, on 16 September President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that South Africa’s lockdown level would be lowered from two to one, meaning we’ll definitely have more outlets to channel our energy. 

When we were in the thick of the lockdown, many of us turned to social media to alleviate our feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. One app that sparked a lot of joy during these dark times was TikTok. 

Many TikTok challenges went viral, seeing millions of people participate from the comfort of their homes.

Remember the Savage challenge, created by dancer Kiara Wilson, popularised by her dancing to Megan Thee Stallion’s hit single, Savage? What about the Vogue challenge, created to bring light the lack of diversity in the iconic magazine? Have a look at the video above for more fun TikTok challenges that went viral during lockdown.

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