When is it time for new tyres?

Tyres are normally overlooked when it comes to maintenance.

No one can ever probably answer the question “How long do my car tyres last?”, simply because there are a lot of factors that influence the lifespan of your tyres. 

The truth is, we do not always drive on smooth and perfect roads. Bad roads greatly influence how long our tyres will last. But when is it time for a new set of wheels? 

Tread indicator

The tread indicator is a small bump that is located within the treads. Under South African law, tyre treads must be at least 1,6mm deep around the tyre’s circumference. 

Each tyre has a treadwear indicator. When the tread is level with the bars, then it is time to replace the tyre. If the tread indicator is still buried deep within the tracks, then you are still within the legal limit. 

Damaged tyres

Tyres can be damaged by potholes and other objects on the road. Damaged ones need to be replaced as soon as possible to avoid risks.
Also, prevent overinflating/deflating of your tyres as this can damage them. Refer to your vehicle’s manual booklet for the correct pressure.

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