50 and fabulous

Annique is turning 50 and is celebrating the occasion with a whole new look proving that 50 truly is fabulous!

With a new logo and new packaging, Annique used their extensive experience over the last 50 years in the industry to create a more refreshed, modern look, while still providing the quality Rooibos based products that we have grown to love.

‘As the first brand in the world to incorporate this ingredient into our products, Rooibos is synonymous with Annique and is clearly presented in the new look,’ says Adele du Toit, Annique Marketing Manager.

Following on from the new look and logo, the best-selling and coveted Lucid skincare range, for dry and mature skin, will also claim a new and improved formula, containing green Rooibos and probiotics to comfort and soothe dry skin.

The new product packaging will be introduced over the next 18 months, starting with skincare. Lucid and Miracle Tissue Oil Body will be this month’s reveal, and there are also new health supplements boasting the new look.

The remaining Annique ranges will get their new looks during the course of this year, ending with the teas, colour and fragrance in 2022.

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