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Is your child refusing to attend online school?

If you're battling to get your child to attend online school classes during Covid-19 lockdown, know that you're not alone.

With schools across South Africa closed due to Covid-19 lockdown, parents are faced with another problem: Handling morning online school protests!

For parents with children that are not “morning people”, the morning routine can prove problematic, especially with everyone’s routine out of swing. But even the happiest morning child can present some challenges.

Every mom has heard “I don’t wanna attend online school” at least once or twice in the past few weeks. Moms approach online school protests differently, but in every case, adopting an attitude of curiosity and patience usually works best.

Why don’t you want to attend online school?

For kids that can express themselves, asking why they feel like not going to online classes is usually the first place to start. The child might or might now explain, but asking is an expression of acknowledgment. They might just have real fears of going or be anxious about something that happened.

Acknowledging how they feel might make the morning go much easier, but it also helps build the bond between the child and the parent. Dismissing them without attempting to understand how they feel could further deteriorate the situation.

Rally up the community

Consult the teacher to find out if anything happened that could make him reluctant to attend online classes. Some online interactions can throw your child off, and the thought of going online can make them anxious. Asking the teacher or a school administrator for some advice does not insinuate that they are doing something wrong. In most cases, they would be happy to help you figure out what the issue is. Once you know the issue, it is easier to find a solution.

Up the special morning time

Parent-child expert Dr. Jenny Rose advises moms to spend some special time with the kids without making them feel like they are in a hurry to go anywhere. They probably just needed some cuddle time before getting ready for online classes.

Don’t expect your child to stay seated all day

Throughout the day, children must move their bodies frequently. Allow time for your child to get some exercise before he or she is expected to concentrate on a distance learning task.

When standing, some children are able to concentrate better on their tasks. To allow your child to stand, place your computer or tablet on a raised surface.

Give positive feedback right away

Provide immediate and positive feedback each time your child completes distance learning instruction. Even something as simple as putting a star, or sticker on the work assignment can help motivate your child.

Also, remember to congratulate yourself on your important role in helping your child learn and grow during these difficult times.  

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