Five ways lockdown has changed our fitness routines

Lockdown has taught us to be creative in the way we do things including the ways in which we exercise....

Life in lockdown has impacted and changed the way we shop, socialise, work and exercise. Deodorant brand, Shower to Shower’s brand ambassadors shared their five ways in which lockdown has changed fitness routines:

More active people

The work-from-home lifestyle has generally created a yearning to move more, which has seen many people, even those who never exercised before, take to online fitness classes or training programmes to get active.

Lowered fitness levels

Exercising indoors or at home definitely has its restrictions and boundaries. While more people were moving, they were generally only running short routes and following the same routines, therefore not increasing their fitness level.

Mental health benefits of exercising

Just half an hour of exercise can lower stress and anxiety levels and improve your mood. This became clear to many as they found exercise to be a form of therapy, especially during hard lockdown when everyone was cooped up inside all day.

Online training took off

There is no need to leave the comfort of your home to exercise or get your head in the right space – it’s all online now! Professionals are offering online training, support, mentoring and guidance across all disciplines and it’s never been easier to join and start.

The world is your gym

Lockdown has taught us to be creative in the way we do things. Now that we can go out into the world again, you realise that you don’t necessarily need to go to a gym to train, just use what is around you. Using your body as a weight, you can train on a park bench, with your furniture or using a lamp post!

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