Four tips to consider before semigrating

Semigration is exciting with the promise of a lifestyle change, however, don’t get caught up in the flurry of a move. Take it back a notch and ensure your expectations are realistic. 

Not everyone wants to, or can, leave the country. Thanks to remote working possibilities, semigration, on the other hand, is a more viable option and is becoming a major trend as people move around the country, in search of a better life.

If you are keen to jump on this bandwagon, it’s advisable to first check out the options and find out what each area offers. The aim of semigration is a lifestyle change, but remember that change comes with adaption.

So, before you begin packing and throwing farewell parties, it is important to thoroughly research your preferences to ensure a realistic expectation, especially when choosing a different province. Start by following these steps:

  1. Average house prices can vary substantially across the country, according to RE/MAX, so buyers might not be able to afford as much as they might have expected, especially at the coast. Inland, in smaller towns, they may afford a larger home and garden. 
  2. You need to visit your potential new home town and neighbourhood and drive around to get a feel of the place. Imagine yourself living there, chat to people living there, and find out about schools, medical care, shopping and so on.
  3. Interogate family and friends who have already moved, and get first-hand accounts of life in their new home towns.
  4. Speak to estate agents and find out what is available on the market. It is recommended you rent first before buying a home in a new province which can be quite an adjustment. 

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