How to brighten your home’s appearance to attract potential buyers

Your home needs to be in perfect condition to grab the attention of buyers. This is how you can make your home shine on show days.

Once your home has been listed for sale, you won’t want to turn down requests from buyers to view it – no matter how inconvenient the timing is.

The problem is that you never know when to expect a call from your agent, which could leave you with little time to tidy up and stage your home – especially if you have children and pets.

With just a bit of planning, though, you can do a lot to make your home memorable in the wink of an eye.


To make it easier to be show-ready in a jiffy, you should clear your home of clutter before putting it on the market. In addition to speeding up the tidying process, it will enable buyers to get a clear picture of how much space and storage your home has.

  • Go through all your belongings and decide which ones to keep, which to donate, and which should be thrown away.
  • Clear out the garage, tool shed, workshop, granny flat and any other space where unused goods have accumulated.
  • Store jewellery and collectables in a safety deposit box along with personal papers, and pack up and store your valuable china and crystal.
  • If there are still plenty of items to move after this extensive declutter, pack as many as possible immediately and store them safely until your home is sold.


To make a quick clean-up more relaxed, get the whole family into the habit of being tidy – all the time.

  • Wash dishes immediately after meals.
  • Keep countertops clear.
  • In the mornings, make the beds and tidy the bedrooms.
  • Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket immediately after wearing them.
  • Put toys, shoes and sports equipment away immediately after use.
  • Keep pet beds washed and smelling fresh.

Getting into the tidy habit means you won’t need to panic when prospective buyers are due to arrive. It will also help when it comes to packing for your move to your new home.

Set the stage

Most buyers want to see a clean and tidy home, but they also want to see how a home works.

  • On a sunny day, open all the windows and set the table on the patio under a colourful umbrella.
  • For chilly evenings, make sure your entrance hall and living room are warm and inviting.
  • Make sure your kitchen and bathrooms are always sparkling clean.

With these guidelines, your home should be ready for viewing.

Writer : Sarah-Jane Meyer

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