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Why fathers’ involvement in baby feeding matters

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, what better way to show your love than by dads making a difference when it is time to feed baby!

Sometimes when Mom cannot be there, Dad needs to step in and make a difference when it comes to caring, feeding, and soothing your newly born baby or young infant.

Breastfeeding your baby does not need to be scary, just organised, and we have a dad DIY baby plan for you and your tiny tyke to support you each step of the way.

Aron, dad to nine-month-old twins Ihla and Summer says, “Have confidence and get involved with your children from day one. There is a tendency to sit back as a new dad and rely on other people. But I think the quicker you get involved, the quicker you build confidence and bond with your baby.”

Ways dads can be helpful

Dads, you can step in and offer support to your partner by soothing, bathing, changing, dressing, cuddling, and burping your baby. You can also keep your partner company during breastfeeding time and make sure that she has plenty to eat and drink.

Once your partner and baby have the hang of breastfeeding, help by feeding your baby expressed milk from a natural baby feeding bottle. Expertly designed to mimic mum’s breast, Vital Baby’s Nurture range gift set has teat flexes like mum’s nipple, providing easy latch on for your baby. With advanced triple anti-colic valves to reduce air intake, the silicone is soft and smooth against baby’s delicate face and its wide neck bottle is easy to clean and fill again with stored breastmilk.

Give your partner rest and sleep breaks and take the time to discover ways to bond with your baby. Pick your child up and talk to them when they are awake and alert.  At bedtime or naptime, you can rock your baby gently until they drift off to sleep. When sleeping, you can sit quietly and hold baby in your arms.

If you are a dad bringing up a child on your own, don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family. You may find that other single parents are a reliable source of support.

Starting Solids

Once your infant is ready to start solids, which is usually around the 6-month mark, you can bring your food pairing inspirations to nourish baby and support Mom in saving time.

Steaming cooking vegetable and fruits and blending homemade meals is made quick and easy for you with the NOURISH prep & wean™ Steam Cooker.

With three modes – sterilise, steam cook and blend – it is perfect for batch cooking and feeding later.

With five blending modes, it allows you to tailor the consistency of food to your child’s stage of weaning from smooth purees to chunkier textures. Its 2-tier steaming system allows you to cook multiple foods with different cooking times all at once making it suitable for use with fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish.

Be sure to include the NOURISH Store and Wean Pots 120ml 4-pack set to store and freeze and take with you when you need to feed baby when out and about.

After each feed, make sure all bottles, nipples and other utensils are clean and sterilized and ready for the next feed.

Steps for steam sterilising baby utensils


Wash all utensils thoroughly with soap and water before sterilising them.

The energy efficient HYGIENE Advanced pro UV sterilizer and dryer from Vital Baby safely destroys 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and mould in just 7 minutes using UV LED’s super-fast sterile and dry action in just 29 minutes.

It is versatile to use too, from bottles, soothers and toys to cosmetic brushes, mobile phones, and keys. Using no water, chemicals or heat, its HEPA filter effortlessly removes dust, pollen other airborne pollutants.

It is important to sterilise baby’s feeding equipment as it helps to protect your child’s developing immune system from potentially harmful bugs and bacteria. You can leave the sterilised contents inside the steriliser for 24 hours, but make sure the lid is kept closed for the duration.

Ensure you re-assemble items with clean hands or sterilised tongs if you can and always on a clean surface too.

Feeding on the Go

Children are stimulated by bright colours, and they grow up fast. Soon enough they will want to mimic Dad at the dining table or when at a sports event or picnic outing.

Toddlers can now enjoy their own version of adult cutlery with Vital Baby’s big kid cutlery.

Hydration is just as essential as hungry tummies for the growth and development of your child, and you will want to ensure they stay always hydrated when at home or on the go for family car trips and day outings.

Pack a favourite Sippy cup so they can hydrate themselves, and include NOURISH™ snack on the go™ travel snack bowls for treats such as fruit pieces or biscuits if they can manage finger foods on their own, or store porridge or formula in the travel milk formula dispenser designed so that the revolving lid can click accurately into position above each compartment, and the wide, easy pour spout makes it simple to dispense contents into the bottle, avoiding spillages.

Dads, by feeding and helping your partners with your new-born infant you can make the transition to parenthood a joyful and rewarding experience for everyone.

Consider these early chores as an opportunity to create lasting memories and connections with your little one that will last a lifetime. At the same time, by nurturing your baby’s growth and development you will be developing your own confidence and skills as a parent.

Not only that, but you are also helping to set a positive example for your children and your community by showing that parenting is a shared responsibility and a source of joy, and that dads can be just as involved and loving as mums.

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