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27 May 2016
12:25 pm

AKA breaks silence on DJ Zinhle

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Rapper AKA has finally broken his silence on his much publicised break-up with DJ Zinhle

Picture: Twitter

After months of trying to keep away from the DJ Zinhle and Bonang twitter war, AKA eventually lost his temper after his baby mama and ex-bae DJ Zinhle went and bought Euphoniks #Nonke T-shirt and posted a snap of herself wearing it on social media.

This is the very same T-shirt that threw major shade at AKA’s new bae Bonang “Queen B” Matheba, who Euphonik referred to as “Msunu yenu Nonke” during an ugly Twitter rant.

Zinhle went on to caption the snap “Got my #Nonke T, now I’m kool kid”; a post that left her twitter followers far from impressed and viewing her as petty and somewhat bitter.  “Oh my gosh, you sneezed! You are so bitter, can you move on with your life already…,” she responded to the “bitter” allegations, further encouraging people to purchase the controversial T-shirt.

Thus far AKA has been trying his level best these past couple of weeks to avoid twitter rants, but by the look of things DJ Zinhle pushed him way too far, resulting in him flooding twitter with what he says he’s been trying to keep away from the public about Zinhle.

“I’ve tried to handle this in ‘private’ for a year now… But it’s clear that they want to make a spectacle… Well, here it is,” he wrote. “They called B* a whore for nearly a year now … Every single day. Not once has she spoken out. That is strength. That is grace. Legal action was pursued because they started writing emails and letters trying to get B’s sponsors to drop her. Bet you didn’t know that?” he continued, specifying that the only reason he’s been silent about this is because he was trying to be a decent father to Kairo.

“Don’t let our silence fool you into thinking we don’t have shit to say. You want mention ‘respect’ … Try some respect for the father,” he went on. “Kairo has my surname. I paid for that. Took care of my responsibility according to her culture. So where is my due respect as a father?” he asked.

The rapper says Zinhle is not aware of what she is doing, indicating that Euphonik is using her. “With that nonke T shirt post … She finally stooped down and made it obvious for the world to see what’s really going on,” he tweeted, adding that he has never shaded her nor provoked her regardless of all the stunts she’s pulled.

“There is not a single one of my enemies that she has not colluded with. Now you wanna talk about ‘respect’,” he further wrote.

This comes shortly after DJ Zinhle posted an Instagram picture of herself wearing Euphonik’s #Nonke T-shirt on Thursday.

DJ Zinhle's picture on Twitter.

DJ Zinhle’s picture on Twitter.

On Friday morning, AKA took to Twitter to settle the score and to share his thoughts about DJ Zinhle. His tirade went from questioning why DJ Zinhle is still in contact with his mother, to revealing new information about legal action that DJ Zinhle’s team pursued to have Matheba dropped by her sponsors after news broke that Matheba was allegedly having an affair with AKA.

In the two-hour rant, AKA revealed that he was “hurt” by Zinhle’s relationship with his mother and that his ex-girlfriend had constantly colluded with his enemies.

Read more of AKA’s tweets below:

AKA’s rant resulted in him, DJ Zinhle, Euphonik and Bonang trending on Twitter for most of the morning.


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