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20 Jun 2016
10:29 am

Dintle is caught out in a lie this week on ‘Scandal!’

Citizen Reporter

Will Stokkies get away with lying to a loved one? Watch 'Scandal' this week to find out.

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Monday, June 20
Layla makes a confession and arrives at The Newtonian to a terrifying sight. Stokkies reveals something about his past which he does not know how to deal with in the present. Mlungisi is sad when a member of his family leaves, but not because he is going to miss them.

Tuesday, June 21

An unexpected death creates a serious problem for those present. Stokkies decides to be honest, which leads to him feeling even more guilty. Scelo and Lindiwe realise that they badly misinterpreted a situation, resulting in hurt for a member of their family.

Wednesday, June 22

Layla has devastating news for someone at NFH and cannot reveal the one piece of information which might comfort them. Stokkies decides that the only way out of a situation is to remove himself from it completely. Mlungisi finds a letter which makes him very emotional.

Thursday, June 23

Layla’s grief is compounded by guilt, and she is stunned when she is confronted with a fact that was meant to be a secret. Stokkies believes he has to lie to someone he really likes for their own good. Lindiwe changes her mind about something she was hoping for when she realises how it is likely to turn out.

Friday, June 24

Dintle is caught out in a serious lie and is reminded that she is still deeply indebted. Stokkies is also caught out in a deception, but his situation has a more positive outcome. Lindiwe realises she may be disappointed and takes steps to ensure that she isn’t.