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20 Jun 2016
12:13 pm

‘Generations’: Mazwi reveals the truth about Sphe

Citizen Reporter

Here's what's coming up this week on 'Generations'.

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Monday, June 20

Lesedi is thrown when a friend demands strange information from her. Xolelwa finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jack is furious to discover he was ratted out.

Tuesday, June 21

Will Namhla agree to help desperate Smanga? Gadaffi and Tshidi are anxious about when the police will make their move. Mazwi connects with Sphe despite his better intentions.

Wednesday, June 22

The elders are ready for the next phase of the Moroka wedding preparations. Nolwazi doesn’t know what to make of the mixed signals her fiancé is sending her. Things go very wrong when Bra Pops comes to make good on his word.

Thursday, June 23

What to do when a murder has taken place: Call the cops or cover it up? Zondo gets a strange call from Kobus and realises something is up. The Diales are shocked by what they hear on live television.

Friday, June 24

Namhla is rejected by her family yet again. Mazwi is forced to reveal the truth about Sphe. Xolelwa doesn’t know what to make of Getty’s strange behaviour.