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20 Jun 2016
5:12 pm

Kunene denies knowing ‘magosha’ Amanda Cele

Citizen Reporter

The notorious 'sushi king' called South Africa's best-known 'blessee' a 'magosha' - a Sesotho word for a prostitute.

Kenny Kunene

In these tough economic times, with a high youth unemployment rate and a slow economy, we all need blessings one way or another. What differs is where we seek these blessings. Some pray for blessings while others act and rely on their faith, going out there to make it happen.

You can call it what you want, but Amanda Cele doesn’t give a damn. She calls herself a “blessee”, and she’s all out to get blessed no matter what it takes. “Am I gonna eat love?” she honestly asks TV channel eNCA in an interview. “Love must fall sweety, it doesn’t work that way,” she adds while pulling an expensive weave backwards.  “Love must wait, call me when you have money.”

Self-confessed king of sushi Kenny Kunene has denied knowing, or let alone having met, Cele in his lifetime. He called her “magosha”, a Sesotho word for a prostitute.

“I have never met this magosha… She must keep my name out of her bogosha campaign,” Kunene said.

This after Cele allegedly released a list of her blessers – which was obviously not true – which included the names of prominent South African politicians and celebrities.

A picture of Cele with Minister of Sport and Recreation Fikile “Razzmatazz” Mbalula caused a social media stir, with some alleging he was one of her blessers.

“As the people’s Minister, I travel across SA and get asked by people to take pictures. I don’t discriminate because some were on Check Point The now picture is not different from the pictures I take with many people. I was asked for a picture at the SAMA. I stood, they snapped one,” said Mbalula.

“The point is clear: the only Blesser is the above. Being asked for a picture can’t be blessing…. It’s not EFT.”

In a separate incident, a woman died after spending a night with a man she found at the “Mavuso” sex stokvel. Now, the Pretoria man has vowed to never partake in the infamous stokvels after the woman died in his bed after foaming at the mouth.