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4 Jul 2016
10:01 am

Gloria tells a lie this week on ‘Scandal’

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How will the schemer react when she realises everyone already knows the truth?

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Monday, July 4
Naledi is extremely suspicious of a plan, and battles to track down a family member who is urgently needed in Johannesburg. Gloria crosses a line to prove a point with a close work associate. Lindiwe is charmed by a young man, but is unaware of his mischievous agenda.

Tuesday, July 5
Mangi realises that his dream is not going to come true, but Naledi’s mother is hopeful that hers will. Gloria believes that an illegal act will benefit everyone at NFH. Lindiwe discovers the truth about a young man, which makes her fear for her immediate future.

Wednesday, July 6
The victor in the Thebe/Nyathi battle is relieved to hear that he is completely off the hook, and the reading of a will causes shock, pain and anger. Maletsatsi is forced to make a decision which stuns and humiliates a friend. Lindiwe is very surprised to discover that someone has her back.

Thursday, July 7
A parent/child reconciliation seems to be on the cards, while another parent is appalled by her son’s behaviour. Gloria tells a lie, unaware that everyone already knows the truth. Mary accuses Lindiwe of going down a path they had both forsworn.

Friday, July 8
The victor in the Thebe/Nyathi battle is surprised when Mangi unwittingly plants the seeds of a plan, and Layla makes a decisive move to avert potential danger. Gontse makes a breakthrough with her business but fears it could be compromised. Lindiwe makes a promise which she has no intention of keeping.