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4 Jul 2016
12:55 pm

Vote suffers another setback this week on ‘Generations’

Citizen Reporter

Here's what to expect this week on 'Generations'.

'Generations: The Legacy' family

Monday, July 4
Cosmo reluctantly burns his bridges with the man he admires most. Lesedi finds out Xolelwa is selling the blankets for profit. Lucy has to think fast when Gog’Flo catches Getty out.

Tuesday, July 5
Smanga’s past comes back to haunt him yet again. Namhla’s left reeling after what she reads on Fana’s laptop. The Moroka engagement is announced to the world.

Wednesday, July 6
Karabo is on a mission and Tau doesn’t like it. Vote suffers yet another major setback. Jack is not happy to receive a visit from his step-daughter.

Thursday, July 7
Gog’Flo won’t let go and it’s stressing Lucy out. Scorned Nolwazi calls a journalist with a juicy scoop. Kobus blabs all about the Moroka-Phakade alliance.

Friday, July 8
Tshidi has no idea the enemy is onto her. Furious Tebogo orders Mazwi to do damage control. Getty’s rattled to the core by Cosmo’s revelation.