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4 Jul 2016
1:02 pm

‘Isibaya’ this week: Things heat up between Jabu and Zama

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This, however, does not seem to be the case with Pam as she starts worrying about her sex life.

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Monday, July 4
Mpiyakhe starts to make plans to protect the UTA. Jabu and Iris fight, but he cannot get his mind off Zama. A mysterious stranger arrives in eBhubesini, looking for Mabuyi. Pam puts Skhaleni on the spot with her family planning ideas.

Tuesday, July 5
Samson plays dirty to secure the votes he needs to squash Mpiyakhe. Pam worries about her sex life, while things seem to be heating up between Jabu and Zama. Mabuyi’s mysterious visitor finally tracks her down.

Wednesday, July 6
Samson applies pressure on the one man he feels can be forced to betray Mpiyakhe and the UTA. Iris and Jabu both agree to him helping Zama with her project, but their relationship is increasingly strained. Mabuyi’s visitor leaves her very upset.

Thursday, July 7
Judas Ngwenya makes Mpiyakhe an unexpected and surprising offer. Zama and Jabu have a fun day together and find themselves admitting intimate truths. Mabuyi finds herself torn between her past and her future.

Friday, July 8
Mkabayi works solo to ensure that the Memel issue goes the way she wants it to. Feeling guilty about his growing feelings, Jabu tries to avoid Zama. Despite her attempts to push him away, Mabuyi’s visitor is not ready to give up.