Nandipha Pantsi
2 minute read
29 Jan 2014
6:20 am

One Survivor down

Nandipha Pantsi

She's a feisty young woman. Confident, strong and smart. But all these attributes couldn't save Ashleigh Bryant from being the first cast away to be voted off Survivor SA: Champions.

THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN. Ashleigh Bryant was the first Survivor
contestant to be voted off the island. Picture: Supplied.

“Never in a million years did I think I would be the first to be eliminated,” said the 22-year-old from Cape Town.

In what could be seen as the Selatan tribe’s first wrong move, the team decided to go against team leader Corne Krige, who had suggested they vote off weaker members like David de Wet or Shona Macdonald and sent Bryant packing. At this stage of the game, the strength of the tribe as a whole is of utmost importance. Eliminating a strong contender like Bryant could weaken the tribe and see them losing out on much needed rewards like food and fresh water.

Coming into the game, Bryant was sure that physical strength, a positive attitude and her ability to push herself beyond her limits would make her a valued tribe member.

“When I think about it, I still don’t know why I was the first one targeted” said Bryant.

“I was forming a strong alliance on the island, so eliminating me was probably just convenient for other alliances.”

Bryant was voted off before she could execute a devious scheme that she’d plotted way before she got on the island.

“I had two fake immunity idols in my bag,” she says.

“I was planning to plant them in different places to trick people into thinking they were safe,” she said with a giggle.

“But its a pity I had to go so early.”

Having only spent three days on the island, Bryant is still fascinated by the social game aspect of Survivor.

“The minute you get to the island, its game on” she says.

“Everyone is there to win so you can’t trust anyone – you’re completely on your own.”

However, Bryant is still looking forward to form friendships with some of her former tribe members.

For now, though, she’s focused on the game of life. Bryant is currently looking for a job as a schoolteacher, and has, she says, a “newfound appreciation for toilet paper.”