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25 Jul 2016
8:22 am

‘Muvhango’: Azwindini spends time with potential fifth wife

Citizen Reporter

Will he like what he finds? Watch 'Muvhango' this week to find out.

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Monday July 25

Gizara and Vho-Masindi have a solution to Azwindini’s problems. Will Vusi survive after being drugged by Onika? Mulimisi consults with his spiritual mentor about his future.

Tuesday July 26

Azwindini spends some alone time with his potential fifth wife and he doesn’t like what he finds. Rendani blames herself for what has happened to Vusi. Susan thinks Mulimisi’s decision will only serve and worsen his own situation.

Wednesday July 27

Azwindini forges forward with his succession plan. Busi falls ill. Teboho and Mpho go into business together.

Thursday July 28

Azwindini reaches out to Vusi and tells him of his plans to groom him for chiefdom. Rendani convinces Busi to seek medical attention for her condition. Mulimisi worms his way back into Shonisani’s affections.

Friday July 29

Gizara has a plan to stop Vusi from taking over the chieftaincy. Busi’s world comes crashing down. James makes a desperate phone call. Mulimisi lays an impossible task on Shonisani.