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1 Aug 2016
1:26 pm

‘Muvhango’ this week: Busi fears she may have cancer

Citizen Reporter

Will her fears turn to reality? Watch 'Muvhango' this week to find out.

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Monday August 1
Masindi and Gizara plot to disqualify Vusi from the throne. James is in denial when he learns of Busi’s condition. Shonisani gives Mulimisi an ultimatum.

Tuesday August 2

The chief comes to Vusi’s rescue. James is shocked when he bumps into an old flame. Shonisani wants to speak to her lawyer before she will even consider marrying Mulimisi.

Wednesday August 3

Gizara risks being busted by Azwindini while trying to cover his tracks. Nonny lets slip to Ndalamo information he was not supposed to know. Vho-Mukondeleli fails to get through to Shonisani.

Thursday August 4

Vusi has shocking suspicion. Busi fears she may have cancer. A rumour goes around that Shonisani has given Mulimisi a prenup.

Friday August 5

Vho-Masindi and Gizara urge Azwindini to send Vusi home because of his lack of trust in the family. James is overwhelmed by the prospect of Busi’s illness. He turns to Nthabeleng for comfort and encouragement. Teboho tries to bring Mulimisi and Mpho together because of her fear that the single Mpho might be too tempting for Mulalo.