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15 Aug 2016
11:46 am

‘Isibaya’ this week: Sihle puts Ngwebedla in his place

Citizen Reporter

Qaphela gets drunk and does something stupid and dangerous, will it backfire? Watch 'Isibaya' this week to find out.

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Monday August 15

Jabu makes a choice out of guilt. Ngwebedla seeks Samson’s help. Lerato persuades Fezile to try a new physiotherapist. Mpiyakhe rethinks his future.

Tuesday August 16

Qaphela is at the mercy of Beauty’s anger. Jabu is distressed about Zama. Ngwebedla approaches Sihle with his plan. Fezile’s first appointment with a new physiotherapist results in an awkward intimacy.

Wednesday August 17

Jabu tries to find out what’s really wrong with Zama. Sihle meets with Ngwebedla’s “Trustees”. Fezile struggles to come to terms with accepting help. Mabuyi fears she is losing S’bu. Meanwhile, Mpiyakhe is determined to make big changes.

Thursday August 17

Qaphela gets drunk and does something stupid and dangerous. Judas pledges to his wife that he will get her the revenge she wants. S’bu comes to an important decision. Sihle puts Ngwebedla firmly in his place.

Friday August 18

Mpiyakhe forces Judas to humble himself, again. Jabu’s attempt to contact Zama fails. S’bu cannot bring himself to tell Mabuyi the truth. Kaone craves more than a thank you from Fezile…