Nandipha Pantsi
1 minute read
12 Feb 2014
6:00 am

Plan to keep low profile fails

Nandipha Pantsi

Her plan was to keep a low profile on the island, playing her cards close to her chest while trying to establish herself as a valuable team member.

FOILED. Killarney tried hard to get Zan out of the game, but her plan backfired. Picture: Supplied.

For the most part, Survivor participant 45-year-old martial artist Killarney Jones, did just that. She was always seen working quietly to keep the Utara campsite clean. She even built a bed without the help of her tribe-mates.

But it was her hostile relationship with fellow Utara member Zan that made Killarney the first member of Mark Fish’s team to be voted off.

“My strategy was to play a quiet game, but Zan’s blatant disrespect for me and the rest of the tribe was something I couldn’t ignore,” says Killarney.

As a strong fisherman, providing much needed nutrition for his tribe, Zan decided to prove how valuable he was by refusing to fish as much as he usually did. He angered

his tribe further when he caught a monitor lizard but refused to kill it for food, setting it free.

“We are not that hungry,” he said as the potential meal scuttled away.

Killarney couldn’t contain her frustration when Zan criticised the bed she had built.

“Nobody helped me to make the bed,” says Killarney.

“Why would your own team member break your spirit by criticising you unnecessarily?”

Killarney then decided to start playing the game more viciously by lobbying hard to get Zan voted off. When Sonnet heard of this, she told Zan about Killarney’s plan.

“Zan is a negative, petty and ignorant human being,” says Killarney.

Her view is that Zan won’t get far in this Survivor South Africa: Champions series.