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5 Sep 2016
12:13 pm

‘Scandal’ this week: Zinzile gives in to a desperate appeal

Citizen Reporter

'Scandal' this week promises more scandals and lies. Watch to find out.

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Monday, September 5

Suspicions that Layla had dismissed are revived, and Yvonne suffers a very convenient injury. Zinzile receives a message that leaves her relieved, but also leaves Scelo conflicted. Stokkies believes he should shoulder the blame for an unfortunate situation.

Tuesday, September 6

Someone close to Kingsley makes a decision when she cannot prove her suspicions, and Layla discovers that something she refused to believe is, in fact, true.

Scelo cannot take lying to his mother and issues a young woman with an ultimatum. Stokkies takes a drastic step, but the harsh reality of the situation troubles him.

Wednesday, September 7

Layla is ordered to keep a secret, Naledi is asked to be a spy and Mangi shares an upsetting suspicion. Zinzile gives in to a desperate appeal, but there is a condition attached. Stokkies makes an announcement that reverses a decision.

Thursday, September 8

Yvonne is made aware that her deceit has not gone undetected, and Mangi is offered a startling suggestion by someone close to him. Two people are blissfully unaware that their bubble is about to be horribly burst. Stokkies is adamant that a selfless deed need not be exposed.

Friday, September 9

Mangi makes a serious accusation that is only slightly off the mark, and Dintle learns that someone has been talking about her behind her back. Ndumiso finds himself faced with a potentially explosive situation. Ingrid does some fishing which she hopes will help Stokkies.