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3 Oct 2016
1:16 pm

Lerumo is in for a big shock this week on ‘Scandal’

Citizen Reporter

Here's what to expect this week on 'Scandal'.

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Monday, October 3

Mangi agrees to a compromise, and Quinton believes he has been horribly betrayed. Ndumiso is confronted with obstacles to having his cake and eating it. With some trepidation, Stokkies reveals a final truth.

Tuesday, October 4

Layla stands her ground against a threat but is shocked when the revelation of her secret has consequences. Ndumiso isn’t sure that he can walk away from something he should. Stokkies sets up a meeting that he hopes will change his life. Mary has the tables unexpectedly turned on her.

Wednesday, October 5

Quinton makes a clearly unpopular announcement, and fears that a past indiscretion may be coming back to bite him. Gloria is let in on what is happening and makes some extreme demands. Stokkies’s plans are derailed by someone he would usually be very happy to see.

Thursday, October 6

Quinton puts his fears to bed, and a dangerous blast from the past arrives to stake a claim. Ndumiso makes a promise he knows he is unlikely to be able to keep. For once, Stokkies is not a loser. Mary is frustrated by a challenge that gets the better of her.

Friday, October 7

Romeo and Grace land up with a most unwelcome guest, and Lerumo is unaware that he is in for a huge shock. Lindiwe has to pretend to be supportive of something she believes will be a terrible mistake. Stokkies has exciting news for a young boy, and Scelo is discovering that all is not as he thought it would be.