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3 Oct 2016
1:25 pm

LISTEN: AKA asks crowd to honour Black Coffee

Citizen Reporter

In a surprising show of camaraderie, rapper AKA asked the crowd to honour Black Coffee by throwing up the peace sign at Spring Fiesta.

Rapper AKA on stage at the spring fiesta event in Ekurhuleni. Image via Twitter.

While performing at the popular music festival, AKA spoke out on the controversial incident that saw his road manager on the receiving end of a hot klap from DJ Black Coffee.

If anyone expected AKA to badmouth Black Coffee, they were sorely disappointed, as he opted to offer an olive branch instead. Signalling the peace sign, the hot-headed muso called on the crowd to honour the house DJ.

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He said his change of heart was all due to “positive energy” and being “in a good space”.

Calling Black Coffee a legend, he added the DJ was one of the country’s greatest and deserved to be honoured.