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10 Oct 2016
12:06 pm

Lerumo receives the shock of his life this week on ‘Scandal’

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Here's what to expect this week on 'Scandal'

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Monday October 10

Lerumo receives the shock of his life and finds himself unable to respond positively to a heartfelt request. Gloria is determined to see a mishap as a sign of doom. Scelo takes matters into his own hands with somewhat mixed results.

Tuesday  October 11

Lerumo is more conflicted about a major occurrence in his life than he is letting on, and Mangi and Stokkies are freaked out when they are confronted with a blast from the past. Gontse unknowingly confides in the very person who has caused her pain. Scelo is brought down to earth by the reactions of his friends.

Wednesday  October 12

Lerumo’s emotional turmoil is not relieved by a sincere and heartfelt promise. A foe is unwittingly the catalyst for a reconciliation between two other people. Scelo’s on the up and up, but still not doing what he really dreams of.

Thursday October 13

Quinton is brave in public, which seems to initiate a thaw. Ndumiso arrives at a realisation, but is informed it is too late for him to act on it. Scelo has to admit that he may have misjudged someone.

Friday October 14

It appears that Romeo may finally have met his match, and Naledi has good intentions which could go horribly wrong. Gloria’s patience is stretched to breaking point by a smile. Scelo is fearful that a legend might be unimpressed with his efforts. Mary is shown that the answers she is looking for may be on her doorstep.