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17 Oct 2016
11:56 am

Naledi makes a shocking discovery this week on ‘Scandal’

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Here's what to expect this week on 'Scandal'.

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Monday October 17

Lerumo receives some information and wonders if his family is even more twisted than he thought. Maletsatsi places herself in the role of peacemaker in order to rescue a situation. Scelo’s talent mends bridges between him and a friend.

Tuesday October 18

A father refutes an accusation and a son is determined to dig up the past to get to the truth. A tentative compromise is reached in the nick of time. Scelo receives information which has him questioning recent events.

Wednesday October 19

Layla is thrilled to receive an offer, but Lerumo is disturbed to receive information which means he owes someone a serious apology. A couple finds themselves at loggerheads when they should really be blissfully happy. Scelo is faced with a dilemma which could impact on his future.

Thursday October 20

Quinton receives some disappointing information which will impact on his son and Naledi makes a shocking discovery regarding her brother. Lindiwe reads a disturbing message which was sent to someone else. Scelo chickens out of a confrontation, while Mary impresses Siseko.

Friday October 21

One of the most important days of her life takes an unexpected turn for a young woman, and an older woman is horrified when she learns something about a relative. Naledi seems intent on picking up where her father left off. Yvonne fears that she may have a serious rival.