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24 Apr 2017
1:06 pm

Mamlambo warns Mangcobo to come clean this week on ‘Uzalo’

Citizen Reporter

Will she? Watch 'Uzalo' this week to find out.

Monday April 24

Mondli brings some troubling news involving Innocentia to Nkunzi. Zekhethelo blames Mangcobo for making Innocentia go away, infuriating her father and awakening Mangcobo’s guilt. Mastermind is tempted to tell Mxolisi that they are planning to get him involved in ATM Bombings.

Tuesday April 25

Mastermind’s attempt to bribe Ngangezwe into dropping charges backfires. Mondli rattles Smangele, she is a criminal that will rot in jail. Mastermind is not convinced Shaun can get Smangele out of jail. Mangcobo is spooked when she learns Innocentia is missing and not dead. Mamlambo warns Mangcobo to come clean.

Wednesday April 26

Mxolisi witnesses something that makes his blood go cold. Nosipho’s life is in grave danger as she takes a dangerous move to try and save herself. Smangele clamps up when she is forced to face a painful past.

Thursday April 27

Mxolisi learns the truth about Nkunzi and is forced to face his criminal past, and let go of someone he holds dear. MaNgcobo finds out that Nosipho is in critical condition in hospital. Mastermind fights with Smangele, who refuses to go on trial as a relationship addict.

Friday April 28

After trying to do things by the book, Mxolisi takes extreme measures to prevent his past from creeping back in. MaNgcobo is very worried about Nosipho, who is fighting for her life. Nkunzi proves to Mxolisi that he is not a pushover.