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15 May 2017
11:23 am

‘Uzalo’ this week: Mbhekiseni is investigated for rape

Citizen Reporter

Watch 'Uzalo' this week as the drama unfolds.

Monday May 15

Mbhekiseni is happy that his niece, Thobile, stays close to him. Thobile, however, does not look too happy. Nosipho and Mondli get closer but Nosipho wants them to only be friends. Mastermind and Mxolisi work on their plan mislead Sbu into getting rid of Nkunzi.

Tuesday May 16

Smangele makes a shocking discovery about Mbhekiseni’s role in Thobile’s past, while Mbhekiseni joins the church. Something goes horribly wrong at a church service that was supposed to be a happy affair. Mondli wants more than friendship with Nosipho. MaNgcobo and MaNzuza has a heart to heart and they forgive each other for the past.

Wednesday May 17

Captain Mthimkhulu berates Mondli for not capturing Sbu. Nkunzi is also furious that Mastermind didn’t take out Sbu. Thobile is horrified when MaMlambo arrives at the salon with Mbhekiseni by her side and she confronts him about abusing her as a child. Mxolisi comes clean to his father about his criminal activities.

Thursday May 18

Pastor Mdletshe believes that criminals need to pay for the crimes, even if it’s his own son. Thobile refuses to let past demons continue to haunt her and lays a charge of rape against Mbhekiseni. Mondli tries to mend a bridge by inviting Nosipho out to dinner.

Friday May 19

Mxolisi is terrified Nkunzi will kill him. Pastor Mdletshe and Nkunzi brawl. MaNzuza is shocked that Nkunzi is a criminal. Mbhekiseni is investigated for rape. MaMlambo pledges her support for Mbhekiseni. Thobile, Smangele and GC quit the choir. MaNzuza is worried the choir won’t perform to expectations when Mxolisi also quits the choir.