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22 May 2017
8:23 am

‘Generations’ this week: Tshidi is shocked by Mpho’s revelation

Citizen Reporter

Here's what to expect this week on 'Generations'.

'Generations: The Legacy' family

Monday May 22

Tshidi is shocked by Mpho’s revelation. Fana is helpless in the face of his sister’s pain. Two brothers bare their souls before God.

Tuesday May 23

Zach is stunned to hear what’s really going on. Cosmo tells Mrekza he’s out. Zitha confesses all to Tau.

Wednesday May 24

Sphe desperately tries to get through to her husband. Lucy is furious about what’s happening at S’khaftin Chicken. Jack overhears something he shouldn’t.

Thursday May 25

Mazwi refuses to be used as a puppet anymore. How will Namhla pull off the impossible? Smanga is shocked by an unexpected outburst.

Friday May 27

Tshidi steps up to the plate and ends up stealing the show. Mpho lies so he can keep living in luxury. Zitha begs Tau to give her another chance.