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22 May 2017
11:35 am

Thobile contemplates suicide this week on ‘Uzalo’

Citizen Reporter

The rape case seems to be taking its toll on her. Watch 'Uzalo' this week for more drama.

Monday May 22

Nkunzi decides to deal with Mxolisi the only way he knows how to deal with a traitor. Thobile seems to have made an enemy out of those willing to protect her alleged rapist. GC takes the bull by the horns where the choir is concerned.

Tuesday May 23

Nkunzi orders Mxolisi out of the car in a deserted area and Mxolisi thinks he is about to be killed. Thobile contemplates suicide after police tell her it is her word against that of Mbhekiseni. The police cars skid to a stop and surround Nkunzi’s car.

Wednesday May 24

Pastor Mdletshe demands answers from Mxolisi about his lies to the police. Thobile and Mbhekiseni’s rape matter spirals into chaos. The choir receives heartbreaking news regarding the competition. Mxolisi confesses the reason why he can’t betray Nkunzi.

Thursday May 25

GC is shocked as Smangele reveals Mbhekiseni is up for bail. Mxolisi convinces the Mdletshes that they will be in danger if they report Nkunzi to the cops. Mondli calls out Pastor Mdletshe and MaNzuza for changing their story about Nkunzi. Nosipho is hurt about Mondli being judgmental towards prostitutes.

Friday May 26

Captain Mthimkhulu believes Nkunzi has threatened the Mdletshes. Mondli begs MaNzuza to give up Nkunzi to avoid Mxolisi going to jail. Thobile is accused of lying and making up rape allegations. Mbhekiseni tells the church he is the victim. Nkunzi invites Mxolisi for a special breakfast.