Thabang Buthelezi
1 minute read
13 Jun 2017
3:39 pm

Chivas Regal celebrates the ultimate man

Thabang Buthelezi

Citi attended the third of Chivas Regal's five buildup launch events on June 8.

The Citizen and some of the country’s most popular influencers attended the Chivas Regal Ultis launch last week Thursday at Melrose Gallery.


The event was the third of its five buildup launch events. The whisky brand hosts an event every Thursday to celebrate the five different aspects that make up the ultimate Chivas gentleman. On Thursday night we were celebrating the creative man.

Upon arrival, we were taken on a palate journey around five whiskey tasting stations, where we were introduced to the ingredients that make up Chivas Regal Ultis.

It is an amalgamation of creamy and fruity ingredients, such as the citrus.


“You get different types of whisky, you get blended whisky, grain whisky, rye whisky and Chivas is a malt whisky,” said one of the bartenders.

It was interesting to learn that just like wine, you can pair whisky with chocolate to bring out the different flavours.

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